Power on:

  • Turning on display
    • Turn on-/off switch to     drehen
  • turn on machine:
    • Turn on-/off switch to     drehen

Power off

  • version 1: switching off drill
    • Turn on-/off switch to    drehen
  • version 2: switching drill press off completely
    • Turn on-/off switch to
    • Hint: afterwards the whole drill press is without power --> settings will be deleted
  • Quick-Stop: for emergencies
    • press on-/ off switch quickly --> display and drill are getting switched off
    • hint: the drill press is without power --> settings will be deleted
    • Remove error
    • switching on again: turn on-/off switch to “0”
    • Afterwards the tool can be turned on again (see switching on machine)


  • under display four buttons (from left to right)
    • (33): change settings shown on the display
    • (34): set zero pint
    • (31): laser cross to indicate drilling point
    • (30): light to illuminate the working area

Adjusting height

adjusting height of motor unit:

      • never adjust the motor unit when the drill is in use
      • only move clamping lever (7) when the hand-wheel is in starting position

illuminating the work area:

  • Turn on-/off switch to    drehen
  • press right-most button (33) below the display --> turn on light
  • display shows “light”

positioning the workpiece via laser cross:

  • for indicating the exact drilling location
  • Turn on-/off switch to position    drehen
  • Taste (31) drücken –> Laser einschalten
  • display shows “laser”
  • align the marks (for the holes) on your workpiece with the center of the cross

adjusting speed:

  • important: speed of the drill depends on the diameter of the tool and the material of your workpiece --> adjust speed before you start working

  • speed diagram for steel and aluminum

selecting a gear:

  • important: ONLY use the gear selector (21) when the machine is NOT running

    • used for switching between 2 gear ranges
    • 1. gear: low speed range --> for large drilling diameters
    • 2. gear: high speed range --> for small drilling diameters

electronic gear control:

    • speed regulator (15) adjusts the machine’s speed variably
    • Turn on-/off switch to    drehen

clamping workpiece:

  • quick-clamping device: for big workpieces
      • position workpiece via laser cross
      • loosen quick-clamping lever (2) situated at the bottom of the machine by turning it counterclockwise
      • lay the quick-clamping device (3) on top of your workpiece
      • turn the lever clockwise to clamp the material
      • removing workpiece: turn lever counterclockwise
      • turn the clamping device (3) to the side and remove the workpiece
    • parallel guide:
      • prevents unwanted turning of bigger workpieces
      • loosen screws (20) of parallel guide (19) --> insert parallel guide into grooves of base plate --> tighten screws
      • clamp workpiece with quick-clamping device (see above)
    • vice: for smaller workpieces
      • clamp workpiece into vice (situated next to drill press)
      • while drilling secure vice with one hand

changing tools:

using the dual-sleeve key-less chuck

  • turn ring (27) towards the “UNLOCK” position
  • turn clamping sleeve (29) clockwise until the tool can be inserted
  • hold tool in its position and turn the sleeve counterclockwise to tighten it
  • turn securing ring (27) to “LOCK”

indicating drilling depth:

  • after adjusting the drilling speed (see above) press button (33) --> display shows “depth”
  • adjust height of motor unit
  • until tip of drill-bit slightly touches your workpiece
  • press button (34) to set the zero point
  • drill until the display shows your desired depth

adjusting drilling depth:

    • loosen clamping lever (8) by turning it counterclockwise
    • do a test-drilling
    • if desired depth is reached --> tighten clamping lever (8) by turning it clockwise

safety features

      1. restarting protection:
      • prevents unwanted starting of the machine after a power outage
      • restarting the machine:
        • Turn on-/off switch to    drehen
        • turn on-/ off switch in position    drehen
      1. temperature dependent overload protection:
      • excessive loading or exceeding the max. allowed temperature --> electronics switch of machine automatically (until normal operation temperature is reached again)
      • restarting the machine:
        • Turn on-/off switch to    drehen
        • turn on-/ off switch in position    drehen