• No special treatment is required for the press if it’s handled with care.
  • The silicon mat should be checked and cared for every so often or be replaced if needed (see maintenance)
    (siehe Wartung)


  • Important:
    • For all maintenance work, the press must be turned off.
    • Unplug the press. (bc. even if the machine is turned off it’s still under power)
  • taking care and cleaning
      • The heating plates are either coated with teflon or integrated into the silicon mats -> clean them with care and be careful not to scratch them
      • only use a soft piece of fabric and a little bit of mild soap for cleaning
      • don’t use:
        • abrasive sponges, cleaning alcohol, petrol for cleaning
      • changing the silicon mat
        • If the mat is attached to the base plate, you can use a blade to remove it.
        • Use the blade to remove the remaining silicon from the plate.
        • Apply a thin layer of heat resistant glue to the base plate (use a scraper to distribute the glue evenly).
        • Lay a new silicon mat onto the plate and press down hard.
        • Lay the heating plate onto the mat without applying pressure and leave the glue to cure for 24 hours.


  • many Errors can be fixed with the following guide:
  • make sure to turn off and unplug the press before maintenance

Error checklist: