Changing the unit of the temperature

Basic settings are changed via the machine’s display.

changing the unit of the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

  • press and hold the “OK”-button for 5 sec -> the display shows “P-3”
    • change the unit via the up and down button
  • confirm your changes by pressing the “OK”-button
  • this will automatically take you to the basic setting “P-4”
    • here should always be a 0
  • confirm your settings by pressing and holding the “OK”-button for 5 Sec

Setting temperature:

  • you can adjust the temperature via the machine’s display
  • press “OK” -> display shows “P-1”
    • increase temperature: press arrow up
    • decrease temperature.: press arrow down
  • display now shows the new temperature
  • confirm your changes by double-pressing the “OK”-button
  • press the “OK”-button once to change the timer
  • the real temp. of the machine can vary +-3°C from the set temperature
  • Important:
    • min. temperature of press = 1°C
    • max. temperature = 400°C
    • max. temperature needed for transferring is 220°C
    • --> don’t heat the machine over 220°C
      (temperatures >220°C  no warranty from manufacturer)

Setting timer

  • You can adjust the timer via the machine’s display.
  • double-press “OK” -> the display shows “P-2”
    • increase time: press arrow up
    • decrease time: press arrow down
    • the time has to be entered in sec (e.g. 1min 30 sec -> 90 sec)
  • confirm your changes by pressing the “OK”- button
  • The display now shows the new time for the timer in seconds.
  • as soon as the press is closed the timer starts to run -> When timer has run out a warning sound can be heard.
  • Important:
    • min. time: 1 sec
    • max. time: 999 sec
    • time has to be entered in seconds

Setting pressure

  • the pressure can be adjusted via the dial underneath the handle on the upper part of the press
    • clockwise: increase pressure
    • counterclockwise: decrease pressure
  • Important:
    • While setting the machine’s pressure the press always has to be opened.
    • the set pressure isn’t displayed on the machine -> a test with the new pressure setting is required
    • after every adjustment -> close the machine and test the new setting
    • use a print medium for testing
    • changing the print medium can lead to a change in pressure
    • never turn the dial as far as it’ll go
  • the stop-screw adjusts the force required for opening and closing the press
    • Adjusting the screw is recommended if the press should be able to be opened with little force.