3D Printer

SD card:

  • connect SD-card with your PC
  • copy your file with the file ending “.gcode” on the card
  • It’s important that the right diameter for the nozzle is selected in the Slicing-Program.

Power on

  • use your chip/card (also needed for entering the makerspace) to activate the printer
  • The On-and-Off switch is situated on the bottom right-hand corner at the back of the machine
  • 0 means off and 1 equals on.
  • before printing -> check if base plate is coated with enough glue


  • if printer is turned on -> select the menu item “print” with the dial
  • search for your file on the SD-card and select it by pressing the dial
  • afterwards: printer starts printing automatically

Removal of print

  • after print is completed you can carefully remove the print
  • It’s recommended to use a thin object to loosen the print from the plate.

Loading filament

·        turn on the printer

·        place spool with filament on the black spool holder that’s situated on the back of the printer

·        Important: The material hast to point in clockwise position so it can enter the feeder from the bottom.

·        Unroll a bit of material, straighten it and push it into the feeder lightly.

·        If the material is in far enough the feeder will grab it. -> stop pushing

·        Afterwards the Ultimaker heats up the print core an loads the material into the print head.

·        After a little while the new filament should be extruded from the nozzle.


·        Wait for the printer to cool down again.